This is a list of experts with whom Four Seasons Realty Group has had good experiences or who come highly recommended by others we trust. Four Seasons Realty Group provides this list as a service to our clients and neither Four Seasons Realty Group nor its agents are responsible for the availability, reliability or performance and we do not receive any referral fees or other compensation from the experts on this list.




Alan Marks,Newburgh, NY 1255 845-565-5400

Orange County Tax Service Paul Siepman
145 Clinton Street
Montgomery, NY 12549

 Steve Howell Vanacore-DeBenedictus Accountants Steve Howell 845-567-9000

 ADT Alarm Systems Sales (Option 1, then 3) Call 1-866-746-7238


Greg Rios
Mid- Hudson Appraisal Services
175 Boices Lane,Kingston, NY 12401
845-336-6185 office
845-336-7275 fax
845-901-0800 cell


Rick Alfandre 845-255-4774 Matt Mason –845-430-5952

Paul Jankovitz 845-532-3464 (Kingston/Woodstock)

Scott Dutton 339-2039 North Engineers & Design –845-331-0028 Alan Baer, Architect 845-338-2730 (historic buildings specialist) 34 Hunter Street Kingston, NY 12401 Dave Minch – 845-246-2711 Janus Welton – 845-247-4620

Landscape architects

Hudson Pacific Design Stephan Yarabek 845-256-9895 Bob Young -845-339-6778


Testing Ambient Environmental, Inc (lead, asbestos, Phase 1 & II) 12 Colvin Avenue, Albany NY 12206 518-482-0704 (Joella Viscusi) 518-589-5924 TJ Bell and Company 1-800-465-6825 Regional Environmental Consultants 845-647-6912


Joseph J Morrissey iii                                                                                                               231 Main Street, New Paltz, NY12561                                                                                     845-255-5056

Al Hrdlika -, 25 Lucas Ave, Kingston (845) 339-6903

Victoria Kossover                                                                                              

Kossover Law Offices, LLP 40 Main Street New Paltz, NY 12561-1745    Phone: 845-255-4655 Fax: 845-255-4657                                                                                                                              

Niki Pagones-Quinn                                                                                              2610 South Avenue Wappinger’s Falls, NY 12590 (845) 290-9360 


Ashley Home Builders

Ashley Homes Construction Co. LLC
198 West Saugerties Rd.
Saugerties, NY 12477
Ph (888)542-8453 Ext 703
Cell (845)706-2509
Fax (845)246-0961



RJ Friedman contractors

845 764 1710


Carpet Cleaning

John Kerbert - 246-8525

Hudson Valley Duct Cleaning Kleen-Aire 658-8988

duct cleaning Bill Brown 246-3264 attics,cellars cleaned - dump runs - trees cut

M&M Carpet Clean-845-246-5287 John Bach Carpet Clean-845-246-5721 Carpet Installers (Glen’s Carpeting) 518-943-1968

Saugerties Carpet 845-246-3636


Billing inquiries, account connection or disconnection, payment arrangement

Call Center hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Sat., 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Phone: (845) 452-2700 or (800) 527-2714

Emergency Numbers – 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days
a Week

Electric Interruption /
Phone: (845) 452-2700 or (800) 527-2714

Natural Gas Odor
Phone: (800) 942-8274

 Chimney Sweeps & Liners CHIMNEY CLEANING


Jimmney Peak – Dennis McGuire 338-0704 All Type Chimney Service Danny Metzger 845-339-0538

Electrical Inspectors

Carl Wallman – 888-693-4693


Energy Audits

Home Performance/Energy Star contractors NYSERDA web site for

consumers: Many of these contractors have thermal imaging equipment.


William Scribner PE– 845-532-3941

John Stinemire 845-331-8806

Praetorius & Conrad – 246-3671 Robert Hagopian – 331-5279

Brinnier & Larios 845-338-7622

Robert Flores, PE (CT Male) 845-835-8038


Environmental Specialists

Elisabeth Kolb – 246-7292- cell: 845-706-4913 (wetlands) Tank Goodness Tank Removal Tank Testing- 845-518-1581

Tank Removal Reclaiming Service, Inc 845-691-6246 F: 691-6272

Ambient Environmental, Inc (lead, asbestos, Phase 1 & II) 12 Colvin Avenue, Albany NY 12206 518-482-0704 (Joella Viscusi) 518-589-5924



Sean Shader 845-247-0117-706-1

870 Kiniry Excavation 845-246-7900 (oil tank closure)

Frank Torok 246-8838

Robert Gehring: 845-246-8557-845-399-6461

Ray Mayone – 246-6121

 Leo Boice & Sons Excavating 331-3439 - FAX: 340-4684

Mike Stock - 679-6317

Charles Staccio – 338-0069

Peter Petramale (foundation damp-proofing) 845-246-0433 Cell 845-416-3354


Jim Halwick 246-8720 Countywide Seamless Gutter 247-0617


Historic Renovations

Catskill Mt. Restorations Bill Legg-845-246-5483 Cell: 914-466-8014

Rob Andreassen 246-3290

MIKE BUDAI - - cell 914 388-3716 Home # 518 851 2505

Greene Refinishing & Restoration Christopher Sutherland 518-678-2182 Plaster/Restoration

Frank Mangione 845-247-9248 Cell: 914-706-8252



Home Energy Auditors

Paul Lasicki Certified Bldg Analyst Garrison, NY 914-805-7787



Paul Andreassen

Andreassen Associates, LLC
PO Box 212

Malden on Hudson, NY 12453

845-246-6414 x 2

845-246-6414 Fax

845-332-7395 (I phone)

Peace of Mind Home Inspection Services

David Bertola


October Home Inspections

Arlene Puentes


Arlene Puentes – 845-339-7984


Hudson Valley Inspections

Domenick Covello


Dom Covello-845-657--8266


A Closer Look Home Inspections Website

Office Phone(845) 590-0783 x 845 5

Cell Phone845 590783

Alt. Phone845(590) 078-3845

Fax845(590) 078-3845

Address12 Knights bridge road, poughkeepsie, NY, 12603



Apple Valley Home Inspector

Hank Pauli

42 Cliff Ave

Clintondale, Ny 12515


Go to ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Website for more names


Inspection Services Special

CT Male- Robert Flores, PE—845-835-8038

Geotechnical Engineering 518-383-9144 North Engineers 845-679-2733

William Scribner, PE 845-532-3941


Inspection Phase I Environmental Inspections

(Buried tanks) Clifford Parks 518-756-3439

(Removal) Vaz-Co-845-691-6246

Tank Goodness Tank Removal Tank Testing- 845-518-

1581 Ambient Environmental, Inc (lead, asbestos, Phase 1 & II) 12 Colvin Avenue, Albany NY 12206 518-482-0704

(Joella Viscusi) 518-589-5924 North Engineers, 845-331-0028




House Cleaning

& Duct Cleaning & Attics, Basement & Estate Cleanup Father & Son Clean Up Crew Frank Fotiadis-94 North Franklin St, Athens, NY 12015 518-945-2792 & 518-755-8171

Christa Andrew 845-895-1316



Quinn Insulation 845-246-3838 Andreassen Builders, Inc Rob Andreassen 845-246-3290




Tozzi Allstate Insurance

3584 US HWY 9W

Highland, NY 12528


The Brickman Group

Mike Specht 845-214-3044


Lead Testing

Ambient Environmental, Inc (lead, asbestos, Phase 1 & II) 12 Colvin Avenue, Albany NY 12206 518-482-0704 (Joella Viscusi) 518-589-5924 Chauncey Sage 496-5497 Andreassen Associates – (845)246-6414 Email:




PRIME LENDING A Plains Capitol Company

1450 Route 300 201, Newburgh, NY 12550

Phone: (845) 564-5500

Dan Reid 845-926-7079 – Always Available even weekends As a national mortgage lender, PrimeLending has nearly three decades of lending experience, with more than 290 branches across the nation and are licensed to originate home loans in 50 states . When you are in the market for a new home, ready to refinance your existing home, or perhaps need to make some renovations or repairs, PrimeLending is ready to assist with all your lending needs.

PrimeLending proudly offers:

  • FHA/VA/USDA loans
  • Fixed-rate, adjustable-rate and conventional mortgages
  • HomeStyle® loans
  • Renovation and remodeling financing
  • Conforming Loans
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Escrow Holdback Loans
  • Low Down HUD REO Loans
  • Float Down Option
  • And more!




3580 Rt. 9W
Highland, NY 12528

Phone Number

845-691-7023 1st Mortgage: Purchase

  • Financing Available for Owner Occupied Residential Properties up to 4 Units
  • Free Pre-Qualification Before Buying Your Home
  • Free 60-Day Rate Lock at Time of Application
  • 90% Financing Available (80% Max for Condominiums)
  • Low Closing Costs
  • Biweekly or Monthly Payment Options Available
  • No Tax Escrow Required - Earn Interest With Your Trustco Tax Saver Account
  • No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) Required - Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year
  • No Appraisal Fee
  • No Points
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • Pre Approvals Also Available
  • Quick and Easy Application Process - Just Bring in Signed Purchase Contract and Proof of Income
  • Commitment Letters Issued in as Few as 3 Days From Application
  • Convenient Automatic Payment Option, From a Trustco Checking Account, With a Lower Interest Rate
  • New Construction Mortgages With 10-Month Free Interest Rate Lock

Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union
159 Barnegat Rd. Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Nancy Lilly-Hamilton,
Mortgage Consultant

You can reach Nancy by phone at 845.463.3011×2252.

Our Lending Area

We offer affordable, fixed and adjustable rate loans to purchase 1-4 family homes, townhomes, condos, or PUDs (planned unit developments) in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Why Choose HVFCU for Financing?

  • Low rates
  • Free pre-approvals
  • Flexible financing options
  • Special programs for first-time homebuyers
  • All Mortgage Loan Officers are CMPS certified

Free Pre-approvals

The pre-approval process is typically quick and easy. It usually occurs before you even start shopping for a home. You will need to provide some simple information about your income and debts to determine approximately how much house you can afford. Your past credit history, job history, household income, and the property you want to finance all influence how much you can borrow.

In today’s fast-paced home-buying market, it is often required that you present documentation of a mortgage pre-approval when submitting an offer to purchase a home.

Rate Lock Disclosure

You may lock your interest rate, discount points, and term of loan at any time as described below up to three business days prior to your closing. Changes to your interest rate, discount points, and term (including loan amount and mortgage type) will not be permitted once you have chosen a Rate Lock Option. If you do not notify HVFCU to lock your interest rate and term, you will receive the prevailing rate three business days prior to your closing pursuant to the conditions above. You understand that interest rates and discount points are subject to change without notice and it is your responsibility to monitor HVFCU’s interest rates and loan terms during the period in which you choose to float.

If you choose to lock in your interest rate, you will be required to sign a Rate Lock Agreement. On signing, you agree to pay $600, which is refunded at closing. If a mortgage application with a signed Rate Lock Agreement is canceled at any time, the $600 is forfeited. In the absence of a signed Rate Lock Agreement you receive the prevailing rate three business days prior to closing.

If you are applying for a Construction/ Permanent Mortgage, or have subject property that is new construction, you may choose to sign a Rate Lock Agreement either prior to the permanent loan closing, or prior to 100% completion of the construction for the subject property. Construction must be 100% complete prior to the signed Rate Lock Agreement expiration date. Extended rate lock options are available. Please inquire for further information.

Appraisal Disclosure

Please be advised that the fee charged by HVFCU in connection with an appraisal of the property used to secure this transaction is NON-REFUNDABLE. Residential property values have experienced significant declines in recent years and may be subject to further decline. Any potential value discussed between you and HVFCU at or prior to the time of application for a mortgage should not be construed as a formal estimate of value for the property being financed. A formal opinion of value will be conducted by a professional appraisal firm which operates independently of HVFCU, and HVFCU employees are expressly prohibited from discussing or influencing the appraiser’s opinion of home values in any way.










Materials & Mold Testing

Advance Testing Company 845-496-1600

DanFriedman H&H Environmental Kevin Hinchey 845-246-3231

Ambient Environmental, Inc (lead, asbestos, Phase 1 & II, indoor air quality) 12 Colvin Avenue, Albany NY 12206 518-482-0704 (Joella Viscusi) 518-589-5924

 Massage Therapy

Larry Andreassen (845) 255-8813 Center of Health 845-245-3642



BEELINE Moving and storage 845-551-6500   


 Man With A Van
Moving Co Inc.
8 Enterprise Rd.
New Paltz, NY 12561

(845) 255-6347


Rate per Hour


1 man and a truck


2 hours

2 men and a truck


2 hours

3 men and a truck


2 hours


10 Foot Vans



16 Foot Trucks

748 Main St, Poughkeepsie


Speak to Bob in sales
5 Webster Ave
Kerhonkson NY, 12446
Phone: (845) 626-7766

Heritage Energy – Propane and Oil 625 Sawkill Road
Kingston, NY 12401-7157
(845) 336-2000

1-800-451-3835 or

Service Contracts

Russo Fuel Inc

2015 Route 9w, Milton, NY 12547

(845) 236-7550








Denes Gutai 203 885 5102


Al Brooks 246-6595

Walt Lane 246-5678

Doug Freese 246-7954

Bill Legg-845-246-5483

Caesar’s Painting Jack DiCesare 246-5642

Final Coat & Pressure Washing (painting) 845-901-5897


Pest Inspector

Treatment* Bennett Edelman-Mid Valley Pest-518-943-5274 72 Valley Rd,

Catskill, 12414

Pestmaster-Jim Godfrey- 845-340-9700 Ehrlich Pest Control – 1-800-451-7378 Andreassen Associates, LLC


Small Animal Removal

(critter control) Paul Schoenweiss- 845-246-3954



RJ Friedman contractors

845 764 1710


Frank Mangione 845-247-9248 Cell: 914-706-8252


Plumbers-Heating Contractors

Plumb Crazee - 246-0103

Tom Sutton 246-7906

Dave Mauro 246-4154

Frank Linzey – 246-3492

Murphy’s Plumbing – 246-2917

Tim Harkins – 382-2052

Heating & Air Conditioning & Plumbing Mark Anderson & Progeny 845-246-5454

Paul Sinnott Plumbing- 845-246-8626 J

oe Nolan’s Plumbing & Heating 845-247-9055


845 338 9100 Cell: 845 389 7524 G. Raffa 518-634-2345


Radon Mitigation–Installation-Testing

Fishkill Energy – (914) 896-8963 Star Mill Rd, Fishkill, NY 12524

Septic Systems (pumped & installed)

Bob Gehring 845-246-8557 or 845-399-6461

Sean Shader 845-247-0117-(845-706-1870) (also use excavator list)



Reference Websites

Mold: Mold remediation guidelines: NYS Buried Fuel Tank: Water Supply Systems/Wells: Natural/LP Gas: Lead Paint: Radon: Carbon Monoxide: Asbestos: Electromagnetic Fields:


Michael Vetere 336-0043

Praetorius & Conrad - 246-3671

North Engineers 845-331-0028 Brinnier & Larios 845-338-7622

Margaret M. Hillriegel L.S.

372 Oregon Trail

Pine Bush, New York 12566

845 744-2072

Tank or Pool Testing

 Leak Finders 565-9896

Precision Tank Testing- White Plains 914-697-7654

Clifford Parks – 518-756-3439 Tank Removal 845-691-6246

Tank Goodness Tank Rem Tank Testing- 845-518-1581 Aqua Jet Pools & Spas 1606 Ulster Avenue Lake Katrine NY 12449 845-336-8080 Fax 336-8376


Petroleum Products Consulting Steve Kalka-




Tree Service & Landscaping

Virginia Luppino Fine Gardens/Landscapes 845-246-0047

Dan Sinsapaugh Tree Cutting (cell) 845-399-2477—Home # 845- 247-0103. Augustine Landscaping 338-4936 Bill Brown – 246-3264 Ornamental Tree Company Peter Landau – 626-2541





WASTE MANAGEMENT – To request service online for garbage removal or call 800-476-6571

Water Treatment

Bruce Leighton (246-0871) 800-724-0134

City of Newburgh Water Department

Questions and Answers

If I have a question about my water bill, who do I call?

Questions related to billing regarding meter readings should be directed to the Water Department at 565-3356. For other calls related to billing — for example, past due amounts, penalties, etc. — please call the Tax Collector's Office at 569-7330

If I'm selling my house, do I need a closing reading?

Yes. A closing reading records the amount of water the present owner has used up to the date of closing and the amount the new owner will receive as credit towards their next bill. A closing reading also protects the new owner from any past due amounts that may be owed. The Water Department does a physical inspection of the water meter at closing to ensure that it is working properly and up to city code.

If I'm buying a house in the City, what should I do? Do I need a closing reading?

We strongly recommend that you call the Water Department to schedule a final reading of the water meter, so that as the new owner, your first bill will be credited for any amount of water used by the previous owner. At the time of closing, we also conduct a physical inspection to make sure that the meter is working properly and up to city code.


Precision Welding Steve Bloom 845-853-4299 Well Drillers Frank Sabarese 883-6630 Dan Stewart 518-678-9029 Titan Drilling 586-4000